Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eco-Swag POD: Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The goal of any promotional product is to choose an item your customers, or potential customers, will want to use over and over again (because, of course, repeated exposure to your logo is never a bad thing). With our growing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly living, the goal of all of us (hopefully) is to use items, in daily life, we can use over and over again.

That's where great eco-swag comes in.
If you're going to use promotional products (aka "swag") as part of your ongoing marketing efforts (and everyone should!), you want to choose products that a) your customer will want to use -- a lot; and b) something that represents your company well.
A great choice is a sleek, stainless steel water bottle:

Think about it: Pretty much everyone you know drinks water every day. Pretty much everyone you know knows the importance of non-wasteful living. So, combining those two things, and providing your customers, and potential customers, with something they will feel good using, and something that exposes them to your name every day, is a pretty darn good choice.
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