Monday, January 12, 2009

USB Drives are the #1 Promotional Item Right Now

Forgive me for repeating myself, in suggesting a product I've suggested before, but it bears repeating....

The new year brings with it a desire to really use every single dollar wisely, and that goes for all your marketing materials, advertising and promotional products. As such, in order to stretch those ad dollars as much as possible, you really want to choose ad specialties that will be used over and over again; items that are truly useful and that your customers (and potential customers) will find a need to use, every day.

To that end, I can think of nothing better than a USB drive (aka "flash-drive" or "thumb-drive"). It's portable (fits in your palm); it's useful (you can save everything from presentations to music to e-mails to graphics -- whatever you need); it's easier to carry than a CD, and so on.... Add to that, the fact that your brand will be prominently featured in front of the user's face, for as long as he/she is using it, and you just can't beat it.

Another great thing about USB flash drives is that they come in all shapes and sizes: whether you want sleek and simple, cool and funky, custom-shaped (guitar, house, microphone, truck, bottle -- you name it) or eco-friendly. So, check out the links to get more information, or simply go to our home page at, and start searching.
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