Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make a Splash with Your Clients with Eco-Friendly Umbrellas from

Feel good on those rainy days, knowing you're (and your clients are, more importantly) carrying an umbrella that is not only super-durable, but is recyclable!

Our Eco-Umbrella from Peerless is a wonderful eco-friendly umbrella comprised of recycled fabric, with a bamboo shaft and handle. [Bamboo, as you may now know, is nature's most renewable resource -- a rock star in the material world. (Perhaps that should read "materials" world, but it's appropriate, either way!)]

These are awesome, and have a low minimum of 50 pieces.

Umbrellas are great, long-lasting promotional tools. They're useful, and everyone needs ones. Combine eco-friendliness with that, and, well, what could be better?

Green your brand. Let us help.