Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eco-Swag's History

People often ask me how Eco-Swag.com came to be, so I thought I'd put it right here.

As the owner of PromoHeadquarters.com, which I started in 1999, I'd been offering hundreds of thousands of promotional products to businesses worldwide, but several years ago (2006), I began suggesting more eco-friendly versions of the products in which my customers were most interested. Me: "So, you'd like these plastic bottles with your two-color logo on one side?" "How about these BPA-free bottles that your clients will use over and over again, and which are safe to drink from, and better for the environment?" Customer: "Why, Ashley, you're a genius!" (Okay, well, I'm sure it was something like that....)

In 2007, I began seriously hunting down as many eco-friendly manufacturers as I could, and adding their products to my database at PromoHeadquarters.com. Then not wanting clients to have to enter a "slash" address all the time (You know, promoheadquarters.com/ecoswag), I started Eco-Swag.com. (I know, I know, the hyphen can be a pain, but some "[web] domain sitter/broker had bought it without the hyphen, and I didn't bother purchasing it. [Another distributor later did, however (in November 2008), and she started carrying eco-friendly products just like we were. Yes, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but, truth be told, I suppose we're at least doubling the number of people who are now using eco-friendly promotional products, and that, by itself, is a good thing.]

Another interesting thing happened, as well: having the ability to offer eco-friendly, sustainable products to my customers has truly energized me, and really excited me about my business. Promotional products really ARE important. They work. They're useful. They're repeat advertising with a one-time cost. They bring in business. They make clients (and future clients) happy. But, in many respects, they can be wasteful. So, being able to offer nearly limitless choices of eco-loving products truly thrills me. (Plus, it makes my customers feel good, and their customers feel good. So, hey, it's a winning combination, any way you look at it!)

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