Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stay Protected with Custom Anti-Bacterial Wipes

This is a great product that will be appreciated by your customers, and future customers, alike.
If you have an event coming up, where you'll be shaking a lot of hands, you'll want to keep these handy-dandy anti-bacterial wipes hooked to your bag, or beltloop. ( Plus, of course, you'll want to give them away to your target market.)
They're relevant, they're needed, they come with a full-wrap imprint, they can be refilled with other anti-bacterial wipes, when your customer runs out (which means your customer will, most likely, keep it around a loooong time -- which is always a good thing). Plus, when the time comes, the container is 100% recyclable.
This great, eco-friendly promotional product contains 30 anti-bacterial, disposable, biodegradable wet wipes; they have a lovely lavender scent, and the recyclable canister measures approximately 2"X3".
Good stuff!
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