Monday, February 15, 2010

Excellent Lead Generation Tool: The Business Card Magnet

Okay, it's time the rest of us figured out what brilliant marketing minds many plumbers, air-conditioning repairmen, and certain handy men really possess.  Those magnets they give you when they make a service call (you know you have at least one on your 'fridge), they give for two reasons:  1) it increases the chances that you'll call them again (and repeat business is what every business wants); and 2) they WORK!

If you'd like some repeat business, a great lead-generational tool, a promotional product that not only promotes you, but promotes you, daily, throughout the day, keeping you always-fresh in your client's/prospect's mind, here's your chance at a GREAT deal:

Economy Business Card Magnet (comprised of 70% recycled material w/a one-color imprint): 
.23 (500); .20 (1000), and .18 (2500).
Set-Up is FREE!
24-Hour Turnaround is FREE!

Want FULL-color?  Buy One, Get One Free on 20 mil., if you use Promo Code MGFGC1):
.35 (500); 
.27 (1000); or
.23 (2500)
(Remember:  Promo Code MGFGC1 gets you 2-for-1.  Mention it!)

Full-Color (30 mil; same as above, just a little heavier)
.41 (500);
.31 (1000); or
.27 (2500).

You can print your info vertically or horizontally
Product Compliance: ASTM, CPSIA, Prop 65.
Artwork must be camera-ready (high-res PDF works great!).  No jpgs.

Standard shipping is UPS Ground, but we can overnight them, as well.
Call us now at 1-877-ECO-SWAG.  Order by 5:00 p.m. EST, and they'll ship tomorrow!
Expand your brand.  Green your brand.  Let us help!