Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recycled Lanyards That Were Once Plastic Bottles

Things have been crazy-busy here at Eco-Swag™ the first quarter of this year, with more and more companies greening their brands, in ways large and small.

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, many companies are taking this opportunity to switch to recycled, recycable or sustainable (or all three!) promotional products. We're also finding tons and tons of festivals and tradeshow organizers are switching to recycled items, such as recycled PET lanyards (made, primarily, out of recycled plastic bottles).  (Our own Earth Day Festival, here in lovely Nashville, TN, is in fact using these earth-friendly lanyards, and I was happy they chose us, here at Eco-Swag™, to provide them!)

If you're planning an event for which you'll be needing lanyards, and would like to go a little greener, with organic cotton lanyards, or recycled PET lanyards, let us help.  E-mail us now, or call 877-ECO-SWAG.  (Mention Promo Code LANED40, and get FREE Shipping!) 

Green your brand.  Let us help

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