Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Custom Magic Cubes!

I've loved these things since we first started carrying them, over 10 years ago.
They are a GREAT promotional item!

When you're giving away promo, you want it to be something your clients will keep, and use, so that you stay top-of-mind, as much as possible.  Well, if any item will do that, it's the Magic Cube.

The fidget-factor on this is super-high, so I can almost guarantee your clients will want to keep this within reach, as much as possible!  Plus, the four-color-process imprinting available on these, opens up endless possibilities for whatever art/logos/pictures you want to put on each side.  (They also come in a magnetic format, so your clients can use them to hold their paperclips, etc.)

Call us today for more info!  877-ECO-SWAG.

Make it a great year!