Friday, April 29, 2011

Solar Cellphone Chargers from

This solar-powered cell phone charger was the absolute,  hands-down standout among all the products we exhibited at this year's Earth Day Festival.  Virtually every person who saw it wanted one, and absolutely knew they'd get great use from it.

The one pictured above is one out of dozens that we carry at, and at a low minimum of 50 pieces, it's an awesome gift to keep you top-of-mind with your most important clients.  They'll use it, and use it and use it again -- and will appreciate your thoughtfulness every time.

If you have clients (or clients' kids) who are headed to Bonnaroo, or the beach, or who love to hike or go boating, this is the promotional product they'll want to take along.

(Call us, toll free, at 877-ECO-SWAG and ask about the bonus gift that comes with this!)

Have a great weekend!