Friday, August 26, 2011

We love being a Maple Ridge Farms Distributor!

Food gifts are the #1 client gift, bar none.  And for 12 years now, we have proudly been a distributor of the incredibly delicious, always-fresh, never-frozen, made-to-order cookies and chocolates from the #1 Food Gift Supplier, Maple Ridge Farms.

Plus, every year, more and more of our clients are ordering their sensational applewood-smoked turkey, spiral-cut ham, cheeses, nuts and cheesecakes to give as employee gifts, client gifts, or even to keep for themselves!

In addition to all the gushing we hear -- from virtually all of our regular Maple Ridge clients -- about the yumminess factor, something we also hear, a lot, is how nice it is to have food gifts that promote the giver of the gift, not the maker of it!  (You've probably noticed how many of those giant food gift companies emblazon their own logo all over their products, right?  Well, It should be YOUR LOGO your client sees.  Period.)

To download your own Maple Ridge Farms catalog, click here (give it a few seconds; it's 67-pages long -- but well worth the wait! Also, just a tip:  make sure you slide the little scroll bar to the far right, so that you can see the proper scroll bar.)

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