Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom-Etched Wine Bottles - With Your Choice of Wine or Champagne!

When you think "eco-friendly client gifts," custom wine bottles probably aren't the very first thing to come to mind, but, lo' and behold, we've had an enormous request for them this year, and wanted to spread the word a little more.

Name your wine brand! This price includes etching and painting with five colors, but does not include wine. Our wine sales staff are happy to help you select a wine or champagne to meet your needs, budget and schedule. We will then order your final wine selection (it usually gets delivered the next day).  We remove the label on one side and etch in that space. Virtually unlimited wine options!

Give us a call today at 877-ECO-SWAG and ask about these, and any of our other, MANY client gift options (all of which we're happy to drop-ship).

Oh!  Don't forget we provide custom holiday gift wrap, cards (musical and not), custom holiday ornaments, custom food gifts, custom packaging -- well, you get the picture.

Email  us here or call us!  877-ECO-SWAG.