Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yard Signs|Political Campaign Signs|Campaign Kits from| has signs (and stickers, and buttons, and other promo items) that are all recyclable, and environmentally-friendly!

Check them out here:

We also carry stakes, and H-frames, to easily install them in the ground:

In addition, we carry full political-campaign kits!  See this example:  These have everything you need to mount a winning campaign.

The kits feature our most popular political products. Double sides yard signs. White, weather resistant, plastic coated, 18 point poster board. Coated on both sides. Includes wire frame. Quick & colorful lapel stickers. 3"x2". White gloss paper with permanent adhesive. Zip Strips bumper stickers. 11 1/2"x3". White removable vinyl. Corrugated 24"x48" Signs.

It's not too late to get your yard signs, to show your support for your favorite candidate, or cause!

Call us today for more info!  877-ECO-SWAG.  You can also email us here.

(Don't forget!  We carry tens of thousands of corporate gifts, and gourmet food gifts.  Feel free to browse our catalogs, and email, or call, us for more info.)