Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You say Eco Koozies, I say Eco Coolies - Both'll keep your can cold!

It's been a super-busy month, with lots of eco-friendly promo items heading to folks who wanted to show off their green brands, at their respective Earth Day celebrations. 

Lots of great eco-friendly tote bags (aka eco-swag bags), recycled pens, eco-flyers, bamboo pens, organic cotton t's, etc, but one item was SUPER HOT this April, and it was our Eco Coolie!

Among other folks, Kathy, who works for an hydraulic-valve manufacturing company, ordered some for her staff, and was kind enough to drop us a quick note today:

Just wanted to thank you for helping me with the Koozies!! They will be a great hit with the employees, and they turned out great!!

We so love feedback like that!  Few things are better, in business, than a happy customer.

Let us help you grow (and green) your brand today, and make you as happy as we did Kathy.  ☺

Call us  today at 877-ECO-SWAG for a free quote.