Monday, September 1, 2008

Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes

Multi-tasking is nothing new to moms, so saving the planet while clothing our babies should be a breeze!

There are some absolutely beautiful organic baby clothes available now, as well as great eco-friendly t-shirts for your toddlers.

100% ringspun, organic cotton material is used (see previous post for definition of "organic cotton), and, let me tell you, it is truly yummy. (You'll wish they made them big enough for you to wear!) So soft and comfortable, you'll feel great knowing your baby feels great!

Not a mom, but know one? Onesies are ALWAYS great gifts, so why not surprise your girlfriend/sister/daughter with a pack of them?

Know someone with a toddler? Drop-ship some organic t's to her. She'll appreciate them more than you know.

Sweet Genius Wear sells nothing but organic items for babies and toddlers. That's their sole focus. (Plus, ordering is easy, and shipping is very fast! Yaaaaaay!!!) Really great stuff. Check 'em out!