Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You

Give them chocolate!

If you're looking for a special client gift, for which you'll be remembered (and very much appreciated), I can think of nothing better than totally fresh, made-to-order chocolates. I mean, after all, they're eco-friendly, one-size-fits-all, and, most definitely, smile-inducing.

Over and over again, I've had customers tell me that their customers were still talking about the chocolate gifts they'd given them, six months after the fact! And, of course, since making and keeping customers happy, and making them look good, is our goal here, it always thrills me to hear that.

Knowing what a great gift this is, I've explored various suppliers over the past 10 years, but my vote for a) best taste (always made-to-order, never, ever pre-made), b) best presentation (always classy); c) fastest/easiest delivery (can drop-ship wherever you need them, and overnight, in most cases) is, hands down, Maple Ridge Farms. My clients agree, and that's why they keep re-ordering year after year.

In these uncertain economic times, keeping a keen eye on the budget is vital. Plus, in our time-pressed world, it's tough to find the hours that we need, to shop for those special clients. Here again is where delicious chocolate gifts are a great choice: they literally can be created to fit any budget; they're completely fresh (and come with a 100% money-back guarantee, though I assure you, you won't need it); no animals are harmed, and no chemicals are used in the making of them; they can be ordered online; and dropped-shipped to as many locations as you need.

To get your own Maple Ridge Farms catalog, click here now: You can download the entire catalog right to your desktop, and in so doing, be instantly registered to win chocolate for an entire year!