Monday, July 13, 2009

Bottle Your Own Water

You know the idea has been gnawing at you . . . "Should I buy this [plastic] bottle of water, or should I get a reusable one, and just keep re-filling it?" Well, chances are good that if YOU are thinking that, so are many of your customers. That's where awesome, aluminum, reusable, light-weight sports bottles come in!

Everybody drinks water, right?. We all know we're supposed to get our eight glasses a day. So, why not keep your brand in front of your customers, while they keep themselves healthy -- not to mention environmentally-conscious.

If this is the only "eco-friendly promo" you do this year, it's a good one. It'll be used (therefore, your logo will be seen multiple times) every day (and what more do you want from promotional products?); your customers will love it (and use it!); and you'll be doing good.

This is a winner.

Green your brand. Start here.