Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cultivate a Greener Brand with Promo Gardening Items from Eco-Swag™

Well, it's officially here!  The 40th Earth Day!

We had a blast exhibiting our eco-friendly promo items at the Earth Day Festival, here in Nashville, and it was really wonderful to see so many of our current customers -- and meet many new ones!  I was amazed -- and happily surprised! -- at just how many folks were genuinely interested in making the transition to greener marketing tools, from what they've previously been using.

Given the time of year it is, combined with what we do (help you promote yourself in really cool ways), we had plenty of eco-friendly promotional gardening tools on hand at the festival, with the biggest "oohs" and "aaahs" going to the super-cool Eco-Trowel™.  This handy-dandy tool, comes with  seeds packed -- and visible -- in the handle!  (You can choose from sunflower, nasturtium dwarf jewel mix, or sweet pea mammoth.)

Also popular, were our branded planters, custom-branded seed packets, and seeded music-download cards -- all great promotional choices, because of their usefulness, vibrant packaging, low-price and inherent green message.

For more information on these items, send us an e-mail today with "promo gardening" in the subject line.

Green your brand.  Start today.  Let us help!