Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seeded, Plantable Promo - Grow your business, Grow a tree

A good promotional item is one your customers will use, regularly; one that, dare I say, . . . promotes you.  Another element of a good promotional item is one that, when given, is regarded as special and unique in some way, that will not only make you look good to your customers and prospects for having given it, but also will make your customer feel good about using, or sharing it.  (Plus, of course, if it's recyclable and/or actually good for the environment, that's a major bonus.)

So it is, with our wildly popular seeded products.  Eco-Swag at its best!

And we're not talking about mere branded seed packets (though we have those, of course).  We're talking seeded bookmarks, seeded business cards, seeded postcards, seeded ornaments (which can also double as super-cool, totally unique necklaces), seeded product boxes (with beautiful letterpress printing) -- you have to see these!  Look!

As if that weren't enough, Eco-Swag.com  has seeded wine neckers, seeded coffee-cup coolers, seeded desk calendars, and more.

Call us today at 877-ECO-SWAG or, in Nashville, 650-5777.

Green your brand. Grow your brand™ (literally).  Let us help!