Thursday, March 7, 2013 Meets 2theTopDesign & Raven Tools

Having a business that sells eco-friendly promotional products is one thing.  Having a website where you provide USB's, pens, iPad accessories, Earth Day promo, and recycled items, customized with a company's logo is another.  And, having a website, where you provide all those items, that people can easily find, is yet another!  

It's all about good SEO.  Well, that, and referrals, and advertising, and marketing, and follow-up, and.....

Anyway, I wanted to give a shout-out to Ross Jones, from, for heading-up the Nashville SEO meetup group I attended recently, at Belmont University.

The meeting was incredibly informative, and helpful, to those who wanted to make sure their SEO chops were up-to-date, or for those who had no idea what SEO even was.  

At the meeting, Ross introduced one of the gurus from Raven Tools, creators of great software for online marketing campaigns, etc., based right here in Nashville.

The amount of information that was covered in the meeting was mind-boggling.

I encourage you to look up your own meetup group, in your area.  And if you can't find one that interests you, start a group of your own!  You'll be so glad you did!

For more information, or for questions about this group, feel free to contact me, at the email address on our website:

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