Friday, March 15, 2013

No-Drip Water Bottles Branded with Your Logo!

I was putting together an order of eco-friendly promotional products, for our awesome customer, Sarita, for her town's Earth Day 2013 festivities, and was reminded of this awesome, no-drip bottle we carry, that's currently on special!
Reg. 2.49, now only 1.80 ea. (Must Mention Eco-Promo Code 4061)
No more bottle caps to deal with!  No tops to loose!  Nothing to pull, or twist!  You simply squeeze the bottle for your water to come out, and let go to stop it.  LOVE!!

There's also a clear stripe on the side, with ounce-markings, so you can see how much water you have left in your bottle, or keep track of  your daily water intake.

Call for yours today at 877-ECO-SWAG, or place your order directly on our website:  
Green your brand. Grow your brand.  Let us help!